New Sport of the Week!!!

The new sport of the week is SWIMMING!!!

The perfect way to cool down in the summer is to go swimming! Swimming is a great way to exercise and have fun at the same time! So head to the beach with your family or go to a pool party with some friends!! Have fun!!

Swim Safety

Even though swimming can be fun, it can also be dangerous. Here is a list of swimming precautions that you should take before swimming. The link that I got the list from is below.

  • Learn to swim
  • Swim near a lifeguard
  • Never Swim Alone
  • Don’t Dive Into Unknown Water or Into Shallow Breaking Waves
  • Ask a Lifeguard About Beach and Surf Conditions Before Swimming
  • If You Are Unable to Swim Out of a Strong Current, Signal for Help
  • Rely on Your Swimming Ability Rather Than a Flotation Device
  • Look For, Read and Obey All Beach Safety Signs and Symbols
  • Supervise children closely, even when lifeguards are present
  • If caught in a rip current, swim sideways until free, don’t swim against the current’s pull
  • Alcohol and swimming don’t mix
  • Protect your head, neck, and spine — don’t dive into unfamiliar waters — feet first, first time
  • If you are in trouble, call or wave for help
  • Follow regulations and lifeguard directions
  • Swim parallel to shore if you wish to swim long distances
  • Scuba dive only if trained and certified — and within the limits of your training
  • No glass containers at the beach — broken glass and bare feet don’t mix
  • No beach fires except in designated areas — fire residue and superheated sand can severely burn bare feet — use a barbeque that is elevated off the sand
  • Report hazardous conditions to lifeguards or other beach management personnel
  • Stay clear of coastal bluffs, they can collapse and cause injury
  • Never turn your back to the ocean — you may be swept off coastal bluffs or tide pool areas and into the water by waves that can come without warning
  • If In Doubt, Just Stay Out!
  • Swimming History

    The English are considered the first modern society to develop swimming as a sport. By 1837 swimming competitions were being held in London. These competitions were organized by the National Swimming Society in England. As the sport became more popular, many more swimming pools were built. In 1896, swimming became an Olympic sport for men with the 100 meters and 1500 meters freestyle competitions held in open water. The Olympics have now developed to 32 swimming races, 16 for men and 16 for women. The Special Olympics includes competitive swimming for people with disabilities and has 22 events for men and 22 for women.

    This is a photo of someone swimming.

    This is a photo of someone swimming.

    Sport of Last Week

    The sport of last week is… VOLLEYBALL!!

    There are two main types of volleyball. There’s the indoor one, where you play in a gym. If you’re that hard core and want to play in a gym over the summer, then there are many online resources you can use to sign up for a camp. There’s also a link below. But the type of sport I’m going to feature, since it’s practically summer, is BEACH Volleyball!!!

    Basic Rules

    The basic rules of the game is that the ball can be hit on one side no more than three times, and nobody can hit it twice in a row. There are three different ways to hit a ball. You can either bump it, which consists of hitting the ball with your forearms, set it, where you use your fingertips to set someone up, or spike it, which is where you slam the ball off of your palm. Keep score! You can play to whatever you want (typically 25-30 points). You get a point if the ball lands on the ground on the other side or the opposing team serves the ball into the net. Have fun!!

    Beach Volleyball History

    It is said that beach volleyball was first played in Santa Monica, California around 1930. During World War 2, Beach Volleyball became the “permanent companion” of the American military forces. Also, some famous spectators of the sport include Marilyn Monroe, US President John Kennedy, and the Beatles. In the 70’s and 80’s, Beach Volleyball became a professional sport and spread worldwide with the teams from the USA and Brazil being dominant. Today, more than 150 countries officially play the game. So get some friends together and give it a try!!!

     Here’s a picture of a beach volleyball game.

     Here’s a picture of a beach volleyball game.